Multi-disciplinary Building Design and Project Management Practice


  • Project Management

    Project Management

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    ACD Projects has extensive experience of a variety of projects, with particular expertise in animal welfare and veterinary. We ensure that our clients’ facilities are efficiently planned, phased, executed and budgeted, especially taking into account the cost constraints frequently imposed on animal welfare establishments.

    We work in partnership with our clients to agree a comprehensive brief of their requirements for the management, monitoring and implementation of their project. This includes the organisation of appropriate resources and consultants required to meet cost, time and performance objectives.

  • Client’s Representative

    Client’s Representative

    ACD Projects endeavour to ensure that each client’s expectations and requirements are fulfilled from inception to completion of the project. We monitor progress and ensure team members are fully informed about every aspect of a project’s development.

    We can advise or represent our clients on single or multi-scale developments, and act as funding body representatives or third party advisers.

  • Building Surveying

    Building Surveying

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    ACD Projects have an experienced Chartered Building Surveying division possessing a wealth of expertise in the animal welfare, human healthcare, retail, commercial, industrial, historic property, and education sectors.

    Our services include:

    • General building and structural surveys, including the evaluation of engineering services
    • Dilapidations
    • Condition appraisal, monitoring and stock surveys
    • Planned maintenance schedules and facilities management advice
    • Site, building or building element pathology
    • The management of refurbishment and maintenance projects
    • Multi-site works, portfolio assessments and surveys
    • Party wall and boundary procedures
    • Conservation and historic building works
    • Development monitoring for client lenders, developers or occupiers
    • Insurance investigations
    • General building and property advice for landlords or tenants.
  • Architectural Services

    Architectural Services

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    ACD Projects have put their wealth of experience accumulated over many projects and different disciplines into the formation of their architectural services department.

    The combination of members of the architectural team means that all aspects of design and construction are handled by the right team at the right time. With powerful 3D BIM Modelling CAD software, enabling full digital design co-ordination and integration of a project design team, incorporating the M&E and structural elements of a building. This avoids clashes and conflicts within complicated buildings which budget level 2D CAD software cannot predict. The software will also produce photo-realistic 3D visualisation of new buildings. This approach allows all aspects of a design to be assessed for aesthetics, ease of construction, environmental impact, economic resolution and co-ordination with other consultants, before a spade is turned, and thereby avoids unnecessary costly mistakes or delays on site.

    With particular knowledge of the Animal Welfare sector, ACD Projects' architectural team are fully aware of the particular demands that this field places upon the specification of the right materials and incorporation of specialist equipment into the built environment. This experience and insight is applied to all of our projects, be it a veterinary surgery refurbishment, some additional kennelling, or a whole new animal shelter or hospital, to ensure that good quality is provided at every opportunity.

  • Quantity Surveying

    Quantity Surveying

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    ACD Projects have an experienced Quantity Surveying division, which will provide you with financial and contractual advice throughout the duration of any construction project. Our services include:


    • Budgetary advice from initial concept through to pre-tender stage
    • Value engineering to ensure optimum financial solutions
    • Preparation of appropriate tender documentation (including hybrid arrangements, should the circumstances so dictate)
    • Evaluation of tenders received and recommendation for acceptance
    • Preparation of contract documents for signature by the parties


    • Cash-flow projections
    • Preparation of interim recommendations for payments to the contractor Value engineering advice, where appropriate, in respect of authorised variations
    • Agreement with the contractor of the value of authorised variations
    • Advice to the client in the event of contractual disputes and the negotiation of appropriate settlements
    • Agreement with the contractor of the final account
  • Principal Designer - CDM2015

    Principal Designer - CDM2015

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    Health and Safety on Construction Projects

    Commercial clients have a crucial influence over how projects are run, including the management of health and safety risks, whatever the project size.

    The Construction Design Management Regulations (CDM2015) place legal obligations on the client.

    ACD Projects can assist and advise on the necessary appointments, notifications and documents required to ensure the project is run within this statutory framework and the client's duties are fulfilled, based on the principal values of avoiding risks where possible, evaluating those risks that cannot be avoided; and putting in place proportionate measures that control them at source.

  • Specialist Consultancy

    Specialist Consultancy

    In the past, we have been contacted to provide specialist assistance for new clients who have found their proposed building projects are not progressing as they should because of inexperience.

    We understand budgetary constraints, but in an effort to save money on professional fees, we have seen disastrous financial impacts on budgetary costs.

    Employing an experienced team at the very early stages of any building project can save time, money and provide the client with immense support.

    We are experienced in troubleshooting and if you find you now need additional support, we would be more than happy to assist.

    It really is a truism that you can't buy experience and knowledge, especially in this bespoke field.

    We provide a consultancy service to ensure your aspirations are met. We can attend project meetings to provide quality control and checks on the works. We also give advice on key materials and can monitor pricing and valuations.

    Expert Witness

    If you are experiencing problems and are facing the unfortunate situation of a tribunal, arbitration etc, we can act as an expert witness. Our knowledge and experience in the animal welfare industry means that we can be extremely helpful to a court or other judicial bodies in helping to understand the issues in a case, and, thereby, reach a sound and just decision.

  • Initial Free Consultation

    Initial Free Consultation

    We would be delighted to visit you to further explain our services and to discuss any building projects you may be considering. We currently offer a free, no obligation, initial half day's consultation anywhere in the UK. Contact us on or by telephone on 01638 560343.

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