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Completion of new Oncology and Soft Tissue Centre

Fitzpatrick Referrals Case Study

Completion of new Oncology and Soft Tissue Centre

“ACD projects played a vital part in our new hospital project by supplying their considerable experience in design and choice of materials for the clinical environment.  I can say that they helped us create the innovative design we desired but allowed us to keep our costs in check at the same time which resulted in a very practical outcome.  I had worked with them before on a number of hospital projects and certainly will again”

 Professor Stuart Carmichael BVMS, MVM, DSAO, MRCVS  

We were delighted to be approached by Professors Noel Fitzpatrick and Stuart Carmichael to help them realise their dream in bringing forward a landmark building for veterinary medicine, by helping them achieve this in their new Oncology and Soft Tissue Centre in Guildford.

The deal was achieved with the University of Surrey in providing a bespoke building on their Guildford University campus. This gave Fitzpatrick Referrals a blank canvas to be able to layout their new cancer therapy centre and to fit this out with all of the necessary equipment, but more importantly, to really understand the best finishing’s and design that could be seen to be possible for such an amazing hospital.

Our role within the project was to work with the client and project manage the fit-out stage of the construction. We would work alongside the contractors to ensure that the correct materials and procedures were installed to the highest standard.

As the development slowly came together during 2015, there were many important decisions to be made in regards to the installation of materials and finishes. These included making sure that the resin floor in the kennel areas would not crack (as so often resin floors do); ensuring all of the anti bacterial wall coverings in theatres, kennels and the cattery were joined to a very high standard, endeavoring to position all of the services such as power sockets, IT outlets and piped gasses in the correct places. All of the efforts put into the decision making resulted in an exceptionally high overall finish to the hospital.

Professor Stuart Carmichael’s vision of creating a pleasant experience for their clients, the tasteful reception, bespoke seating design, calming colours etc was achieved with an absolutely superb reception area.

Working closely with the client, and consulting with their specialist nurses, we designed the bespoke dog kennels and the ICC Gold Standard Cattery. The main goal for these designs was to reduce anxiety and stress for the patients and to help aid their recovery.

During the construction, we constantly liaised with the contractor and Toshiba with regard to radiation protection for the new 160-slice CT scanner. In pre-designing most of the room prior to decorations, allowed the room to look both attractive but also extremely functional.

Creating a large separate autoclave and sterilizing room straight off the Prep Area allows for the speedy cleaning and sterilizing of equipment, ready for the next procedure. The large open-plan Prep area, which houses in excess of 8 No. preparation tables, has all of the facilities needed for the staff to provide the full preparation of animals ready for their operation or X-Ray/Scan.

Adjacent to the large Prep Area are 4 No. fully functioning and operational, state-of-the-art Operating Theatres. These have been designed and built to the highest standard with anti bacterial wall coverings, colour-specific LED surgical lights and each room is filled with natural light as well as having the latest in LED ceiling lights. Each theatre has its own bespoke pass-through cabinet allowing an easy transfer of equipment from the prep area to the theatre.

The project was opened on Wednesday, 2nd September 2015 by Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and Chris Evans the BBC presenter. This was an amazing day with Noel Fitzpatrick giving his speech to the many media that attended. 

FR grand opening

FR CT scanner

FR prep room





FR front entrance

FR reception area

FR dog ward

FR dog ward walk in kennels

FR large operating theatre

FR operating theatre

FR cat ward

FR bespoke small dog kennels

FR bespoke small dog kennels 2  FR bespoke cat ward kennels